samedi 27 octobre 2018

my first trouble 

2weeks in settled in Kristiansand everything is going well for me, food, budget, friendship with many kinds of people, local language everything...But on time that I don't expect is our water heater machine was undamaged and so that our landlord was in Holliday, so we have to take shower out with a friend or more option I boil water with the machine I make THEA everything morning until one week.

jeudi 11 octobre 2018

two weeks  in Kristiansand, two weeks working with a wonderfull stuffs

I am working in ODDERNES church which i spend all of my time,i am meeting new people in every day,hoppefully i always have a nice time talking with them,and sharing  my experience.
im happy because they are listening to me with attention and enthousiasme,for example when i am attending the confirmation study yesterday 10/10/18,and also when  i participate the meeting with the stuff  of the congregation,im sharing things about madagascar church service,and present to them myself,it was nice

jeudi 20 septembre 2018

Yannick in norway

here I am in norway more precisely in is a small town full of beautiful landscapes all are green people are so nice the environement is very clean the air are fresh,,really i enjoye.For me norway is a new beginning and the sign of my future,i dont know yet but i beleave it.
15th of august 2018 my plan landed in kristiansand airport in the even,,once out the plan my inspiration flotted,my mind was open and i was thinking that from now on NORWAY is my new life...

the story start

the beginning 
My name is RAKOTOARISON Velomana jean ANNICK but everybody call me YANNICK it should be my real  name,but it had  had mistake from the agent in the town hall in tsihombe androy MADAGASCAR the place i was born.i can desribe myself as funny boy,of course those who know me well laugh in my joke

                                                                                      jeg heter YANNICK

hald Internationale center(H.I.C)

HIC is my school in mandal Norway.I recognize that hald is the best school i have never had before,why because teachers are very nice in terms of teaching and their manners in general.not only that but also all student here are very nice as well,they 
know how to catch your feelings and your affection especially the Norwegian student,,give hug when they greet,im feeling like at my own home and familly here,.GOOD TIME FOR ME GREAT MOOD


kristiansand is  my dream town,and today thirsday 27th sept 2018 this dream become real,im happy to be here and as place of internship as well.
me and my teammate Mbola were picking up by our contact person IVAR collinson in the bus station,we reckognized him immediatelly because he smilled and wave his hand,he is a cool man and i like him so much..after that he drove us directly to the office of the KIRKKE{church}we work,in our way there the 3of us get know and talk many things.I was surprising that Yvar can speak french and our discution become more interesting.
I met the staff at the ODDERNES and get known at one other,it was really good and people in are very sociable and recieved us with warmth heart

i live with an appartement who is 5min by bus from ODDERNES it a nice appartement and our landlord is a old lady who staying just in upstair


his my first malagasy friend and was a Hald student,but now he live here in kristiansand for his study,two days we know at each other and the wen can be already a best and ruffin have many things in common with like both of us are crazy about music and singing this is  the link who makes best friend